Okay OME 2015 is coming up shortly, the event will take place 

sep12th 2015 at SchaumanHall in Pietarsaari Finland.

More artists, workshops and exhibitions this time around.

You can check out the program at


Kaos Krew will also be performing at Musik & Talang 

congress in Vasa at Leipätehdas sep19 2015.

So, here it is! The whole OME2014 performance from Kaos Krew. Enjoy!

Big plans for OME2015 are already going on. This time all of it will be bigger

and hopefully even better. More bands, more workshops, big names and so on. We had a blast during the OME2014 shows in Vasa and Jakobstad last year! We even filmed one show in order to make a DVD. Stay tuned! \,,/

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Kaos Krew new cd 

"Corruption rules this World"  is out, 

10 new songs to enjoy. Get it now !

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 Inverse Records.


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OSTROBOTHNIA MUSIC EXPO  12th and 13th sep. in VASA (Leipätehdas) and JAKOBSTAD 

(Schauman Hall) with THOBY LOTH, KAOS KREW and UNDERJORD.

-Some live pictures from the show sep 13 th 2014 added, you can find them by clicking LIVE/PHOTO

-Live dates 12 and 13th sep at Leipätehdas in VASA and Schauman Hall in JAKOBSTAD.

- Video online!

- Finally our new video for the song "Planet Madness" is completed. Release party at Optima

auditorium in Jakobstad Finland 16th Nov at 08:00pm.

- Some reviews has arrived and what did they have to say? Check them out!


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Ave Noctum

Lords of Metal

 - We've finished  shooting  the upcoming musicvideo "Planet Madness", release  in

November, you can check "behind the scenes" footage on our Facebook page.

- "Corruption rules this World" now availble at levykauppa Äx.


  Previous Releases:

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released in the US

Kaos Krew song

" Trust Me "